Understanding the principles of marketing. Hasbro Inc.

Blog Entry #1 :

Friday 7th October – 11am until 12am.
Attendees : Nikola, Tom, Jack
Absent : Matt, Mike

We first began by clarifying the specifics of our brand, so we had already selected Hasbro Inc however we were finalising a decision to look specifically at board games within the brand. Having cleared this up briefly, we discussed our findings on the macro environment and its effects on our brand. Furthermore we started to look at micro factors and how we may go about researching them in preparation for next week.

Next steps:
We decided first and foremost doing this blog entry before researching specifically micro factors effecting the brand but also making sure of the finite details on our macro research. Therefore by next week we should have equal amounts of research on both macro and micro factors effecting the brand and should be in some position to draw strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Key Contributions:
Tom was designated with setting up the blog and starting it with contributions and/or edits made by the rest of the group.
Matt, though not present, was in touch and made the suggestion about the blog and sharing it amongst ourselves.
Jack made contributions towards the benefits of our brands products/service including Social, Phycological and Functional.
Nikola provided direct and indirect competitors relevant to the Micro analysis we’re beginning to research.


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