Understanding the principles of marketing for marketing and events.

Blog Entry #3

Friday 21st October :
This week we finalised our TOWS analysis grid, we derived our critical success factors and have selected a few that we are looking to focus on when we create our infographic. We also discussed about re doing the TOWS grid just to make it more presentable and neater. This is all we got done, using our previous work to focus solely on the TOWS grid meant we had a really productive hour. -Tom

Our next steps are now to start working towards and putting together our info-graphic with our findings on it. We must also make progress to our appendix of findings and double check all sources used. With all our focus on these we should be able to get it done ahead of the deadline.- Jack

Key contributions:

This week only Jack, Matt and Tom were present and all worked together with previous research on the TOWS grid to find our CSF’s. With all 3 focused and working together the hour was well spent and by the end it was finished. -Jack

status and progress:

Near completion of the tows grid meant we could start to look in detail at our CSF’s and decide if there were any specific ones coming up more than once. This allowed us to see that technological development and marketing in big screen events were two key areas that we could look at in the future. we now plan to go away and look into these two areas in more detail. Matt Jack Tom present. – Matt

Blog Entry #2 

Friday 14th October:

This week the group (Matt, Tom, Nikola and I)  were able to discuss the TOWS matrix for Hasbro. Inc. We started the session with the TOWS matrix grid and applied our prior macro and micro research to our grid. Despite our research we did have to do further research specifically in the micro side of the weaknesses to our business. This is because the group as a whole has found the micro side more difficult to find credible sources and reliable information for. – Jack

Next Steps : 
The next steps for us is to crucially, go away and research more micro weaknesses in order for us to generate a sufficient TOWS grid by next Friday. During next Friday we should be able to generate our TOWS grid and draw some critical success factors in order for us to work with when we come to make our infographic. Apart from that we have an appropriate amount of research and have managed our time well. – Tom

Key Contributions :

Tom and Nikola made micro factors research affecting the brand and both furnished all notes. Matt classified all our notes and choose which are the best for our research and then with the help of Jack started with writing down all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in our TOWS analysis. – Nikola

status and progress:

Me, Tom, Nikola and jack all assessed our status by collecting all the data we had looked at in our own time. This allowed us to nearly complete the outer section of our tows grid. However it did allow us to see we lacked micro weaknesses. This meant we could go away and make progress on this area as well as looking at the csf’s. – Matt


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